By Squirrel Staff

Photo by Squirrel Staff
Photo by Squirrel Staff

Did you know that there is a state-of-the-art facility right here in Deering Center that is dedicated to providing high quality dental services to those who might otherwise not be able to afford them? For years, the University of New England’s not-for-profit Dental Hygiene Clinic, part of the school’s Dental Hygiene Program, has been providing uninsured Portlanders with basic dental services such as cleanings, x-rays, and fluoride treatments. Now, with the opening of UNE’s new Oral Health Center, uninsured and insured patients alike will have access to a full range of dental services, from simple extractions to crowns, veneers, and even implants. Continue reading UNE’S NEW ORAL HEALTH CENTER FOCUSES ON OUTREACH, EDUCATION


By Squirrel Staff

The past several months have seen some major changes among the administrative staff of the Portland Public Schools. In July, following the resignation of Superintendent Emmanuel Caulk, longtime PPS staffer Jeanne Crocker was named as interim Superintendent. Then, in August, it was announced that Deering Resident Becky Foley, who for the past four years has been the Assistant Superintendent of RSU 52, would be filling the position of Chief Academic Officer, formerly held by David Galin. Foley has graciously agreed to answer some questions about her new position for Squirrel readers. Continue reading DEERING CENTER RESIDENT TAPPED TO FILL KEY PORTLAND PUBLIC SCHOOLS POSITION


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Feeders, Feed and Foes (Squirrels)

By Nathan Hall and Fleur Hopper

Illustration by indeeringdesign
Illustration by indeeringdesign

Birding in the field is a special experience. The joy of tracking down a hooting Great Horned Owl or a singing Wood Thrush is hard to beat, but viewing birds from the comfort of your very own backyard has its own unique appeal. Bird lovers and casual birders alike can enjoy playing host to local and migrating birds with minimal effort. With a small initial investment of time and money, a well-placed bird feeder can provide you with a large diversity of birds. We have several feeders at our house and depending on the time of year and the type of food we provide, we can easily host over a dozen different species in one day. Continue reading Feeders, Feed and Foes (Squirrels)


By Ellen Gilliam, Director, Burbank Branch, Portland Public Library

burbank-library-signWhen the Deering neighborhood squirrels peek into the window at the Burbank Branch of Portland Public Library at 377 Stevens Avenue—Sorry we can’t invite you in, little friends!—they see a remarkable array of books for adults, teens and children covering broad-ranging subject areas and genres and formats. It’s never difficult to find something to entertain, intrigue, amuse, teach or challenge a reader.  Continue reading Numbers


by Evening Reverie

VIRGO August 22 – September 23
Archetype: The Virgin | Element: Earth
Thwarted, still. An on-going thwartment of you. Despair not–patience only is required. The idiots will fall from their own doing, as most of them do, some sooner than later. Forget about them. What do you really have to regret? Instead think of all you have achieved, from the spirit to the measurable. All is well–but only when you stay focused on what is right in front of your feet.
LIBRA September 24 – October 23
Archetype: The Scales | Element: AirYour needs are met when you are mindful of the needs of others. Sounds like a sound byte from a Presbyterian sermon but for you, c’est vraiment. You are great at caring for your peeps, and though right now alarming activity and planning swirls around you, you emanate a steady calm. As others rely on this exceptional gift of balance, you too can feel satisfied. But remember, no matter what, luvbug, always ask for what you need.
SCORPIO October 24 – November 22
Archetype: Giant Scorpion | Element: WaterTake on nothing said to you about you, unless you recognize it as truth. The best and bravest of friends are honest: consider the messenger. At all times march with self-respect. Right now you can even puff your chest out (a little; don’t be obnoxious) because your gifts are worth sharing, not just with your friends who already get you, but with your colleagues. Self-confidence without conceit is truly attractive. Shine your exciting light!
SAGITTARIUS November 23– December 22
Archetype: Archer|Element: FireEvery seven years all cells in your body are replaced. You are not the you you were. Why cling to that which no longer accurately reflects who you are now? It may be familiar but it is not comfy. Ignore what your family and old friends think you should be–they keep you crystallized in a past season of youth. You have a new agenda to go with all you have become: a fully realized adult with deep desires and the will to achieve them. Oh, and the reward is in your intention, not recognition. Feed your ego another way.
CAPRICORN December 23 – January 20
Archetype: Fish-Tailed Goat | Element: EarthIt’s time to talk $$$ with your partner. So much fun! Wear Kevlar and bring a flamethrower because it will be a scrabble. Or might be. Here’s what you do: listen, listen, listen. Then listen some more. When it’s your turn, remain calm, ask for the same uninterrupted attention, and be precise and direct. Put your weapons down, take off the Kevlar, and chances are the two of you will come to a workable compromise. And maybe some monkey sex after!
AQUARIUS  January 21 – February 19
Archetype: The Water Bearer | Element: AirThe possibility of petty arguing is high these days but do not, I beg you, engage. Why? Petty. Like Aries, you must pick worthy battles. You think you’re in the right? Who cares. Being right is meaningless and exhausting (for you and your trapped companion). Plus you get a rep for being a know-it-all and there is no ghastlier thing to be. People will avoid eye contact with you. Better to focus on how someone else is feeling, and help them to cheer up.
PISCES February 20 – March 20
Archetype: Fish | Element: WaterCrazy and wacky times, right? From the global to your very own home. So many plans to make, jobs to do, opinions to share. And you, with your undulating fishy self, navigate it all so well. How do you do it? By harboring deep resentment and self-doubt? Or are you certain your motives are clear? Right now, it seems they are. Build on that excellent foundation so that when the resentment and self-doubt come, as they always will, you can dismiss them with a flip of your brilliant fishy tail.
ARIES March 21 – April 19
Archetype: Ram | Element: FireDeadlines are bearing down on you, and you writhe in frustration. You don’t wanna. Figures of authority are sternly judging you. Hop to it. Get going. No whining. The clock ticks on. First, though, before you act, IF you act, which, of course, you will, look again at that figure of authority. Thinks like you. Looks like you. Sounds like you. Is you. HA! Maybe the only should you should have in your life is maybe. Even you, armored Aries, can relax even the most rigid expectations.
TAURUS April 20 – May 20
Archetype: Bull | Element: EarthDum de dum de dum. Dreamy and vague. Deliberate and unimpressed. Kinda bored. Sorta happy. Slow. Unplugged. That can be very nice for a while, but for you, Taurus, it’s a trap. You do too much of that and that’s all you’ll be. Remember the rule of inertia. You’ll stay stuck in your pretty cloud if all you create and maintain is a pretty cloud. You don’t really want that. Time to wash your face in very cold water, put some drops in your eyes and reengage in your life. It’s coming right at’cha.
GEMINI May 21 – June 20
Archetype: The Twins | Element: AirEnormous changes all at once, for a long time for you, and the G-forces still won’t quit. Expect nothing different–expect nothing at all. Everyone has all kinds of advice, sought or imposed, and all of it is worth mulling over. Don’t feel you must react in haste to any of it. Hold your core calm closely at all times and practice quiet action. Remember, the chaos is around you, not in you.
CANCER June 21 – July 22
Archetype: The Crab | Element: WaterWow–preach, man! Announce! Direct! Explain! Show! In your usual friendly way, of course. Let loose. It’s a perfect time, AND, what you are preaching is the heart of you. We see it and it is strong. Your heart’s desire will be heard, once you have discovered it and allowed yourself to share it. Risk! No real harm will come to your tender, edible innerds. No one who loves you will betray you. Or chew you.
LEO July 23 – August 21
Archetype: The Lion | Element: FireBig, warm, loud Leo, you’ve been feeling quiet for a while, so long, in fact, you’re getting used to it. At least, that’s how it feels. Da? Oui? But with all the retreating and shunning, no one can tell, because you are IRREPRESSIBLE. Even when you feel subdued. Turn up the volume, invite everyone in and lavish your love everywhere. You have it by the truckload, and truckloads you will reap.