by Mary Anne Wallace, President of the Friends of Evergreen
Deering-Squirrel-friends-of-evergreenEvergreen Cemetery has many mausoleums of various sizes and designs. None, however, are as distinctive as the FOJ Smith mausoleum. The Smith mausoleum, which was designated a National Historic Place in 1974, is located between the corner of Valley and Pleasant Avenues and the interconnected row of mausoleums, which is known as either The Tombs or The Valley of the Kings. Continue reading THE SMITH MAUSOLEUM


By Mary Anne Wallace

This column is brought to you by the Friends of Evergreen and presents photos and stories of former Deering Center residents who are interred in Evergreen Cemetery.


The Benson red granite gravestone captures attention as it is surrounded by white and gray monuments. It also has another attention grabber: an open death date. An unknown death date raises questions: Did the person move and is buried somewhere else? Was there no one in the family who could afford the cost to engraved the date? Or was adding the date just not important to the survivors? Or possibly there were no survivors. Continue reading EVERGREEN’S DEERING NEIGHBORS

Volunteers Needed for Friends of Evergreen’s 3rd Annual Memorial Day Procession

Friends of Evergreen’s annual tribute to the fallen of all U.S. wars and conflicts is scheduled for Monday, May 30, at 2:00 p.m.

Stevens Avenue will be closed to traffic from Deering High to Evergreen Cemetery’s gate near the chapel. The procession committee is seeking volunteers who will be posted at each street that will be closed. The duties are simple and the reward is a clear view of the procession as it passes. Volunteers move the sawhorse barricades into place about 20 minutes before the procession starts. If cars approach, a volunteer explains why entry to Stevens Avenue. is closed. Once the procession passes the location, the volunteers move the barricades to the side of the road. They are then free to follow the vintage fire truck at the end of the procession to Evergreen for the concluding brief ceremony. Volunteering at your street or a nearby street closing is a simple task and is a fun holiday activity for a family or a group of neighbors. Please consider volunteering and contact either Bobbi Cope or Mary Anne Wallace