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By Ellen Gilliam, Director, Burbank Branch, Portland Public Library

What’s going on at Burbank?

What’s the Burbank staff up to while the branch is closed?

When are you going to re-open?

How can I contribute to the fundraising campaign?

Deering-Squirrel-library-news-booksBurbank staffers who live in the neighborhoodget asked when they’re taking their morning walks or grocery shopping. PPL staff at the Main and other branches get asked when Burbank patrons visit. Continue reading LIBRARY RENOVATION UPDATE


By Ellen Gilliam, Director, Burbank Branch, Portland Public Library

burbank-library-signWhen the Deering neighborhood squirrels peek into the window at the Burbank Branch of Portland Public Library at 377 Stevens Avenue—Sorry we can’t invite you in, little friends!—they see a remarkable array of books for adults, teens and children covering broad-ranging subject areas and genres and formats. It’s never difficult to find something to entertain, intrigue, amuse, teach or challenge a reader.  Continue reading Numbers


By Ellen Gilliam, Director, Portland Public Library Burbank Branch

Sail into Reading Summer 2015
The Portland Public Library Summer Reading 2015 Children’s Program June 15-August 15

Summer is finally here!!! And with it comes the ever-popular Summer Reading program at Portland Public Library. Burbank Branch patrons – adults, children and teens – are invited to join with book lovers across this City of Readers in whiling away the long warm days with favorite books. Jump out of your hammock or get up from your beach chair and return your reading logs to any PPL branch to claim giveaways and enter to win great prizes, including gift certificates for Longfellow Books, vouchers for Sea Dogs tickets and treats from Gelato Fiasco as well as free books and programs. Continue reading SUMMER READING


By Ellen Gilliam, Director, Burbank Branch, Portland Public Library

library news-2
Miss Phyllis

Little toddler squirrels peeking into the Burbank Branch of the Portland Public Library  on Wednesday and Thursday mornings would find 2 and 3-year-old little human children being entertained by the very special  Phyllis Forward!

Phyllis has been telling kids stories at PPL for over 35 years. Following a career teaching elementary school, where she said her “favorite part was always reading to the kids!” Phyllis ran an informal story time at the Riverton branch some years back. When budget cuts forced the branch to eliminate Phyllis’ substitute position, Riverton families ran a successful petition drive to keep her. “I still have a copy of that petition with 90 signatures,” Phyllis proudly says.   Continue reading MISS PHYLLIS


By Ellen Gilliam, Director, Portland Public Library Burbank Branch

Lots going on at the Burbank Branch of Portland Public Library here at 377 Stevens Ave. The Deering neighborhood squirrels are chattering about the following:

Update on the Burbank Renovation Project. The long awaited remodeling of the Burbank Branch is on track to begin this spring! After some unexpected delays while final plans were made about infrastructure improvements (new energy efficient windows and HVAC systems), we are finally able to say with some certainty that the project will commence within the next few months. A specific timeline is being developed now and closure dates for the branch will be announced as soon as details have been confirmed. We appreciate the patience and goodwill of all our faithful Burbank users.   Continue reading RENOVATION


We’re so pleased to be asked to write a regular column for the new Deering Center newsletter!  And what a great name! The Deering Squirrel. The beautiful old trees that shade our streets here in this historic neighborhood are filled with these industrious creatures whose chattering spreads the news to their fellow tree dwellers. Now those of us confined to earth can learn what the squirrels know!   Continue reading WE’RE SO PLEASED!