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Dear Squirreletiquette,
My husband’s parents own a lovely camp on Moosehead Lake. My husband loves spending time there in the summer. The problem is my mother-in-law. She has so many house rules that I dread our visits. When we were first married I tolerated the situation for my husband’s sake. But now that we have a toddler I am physically ill at the thought of spending our weekends under my mother-in-law’s thumb. What should I do?
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Dear Squirreletiquette,
My father-in-law has political views that I find extreme. Normally we manage to avoid the subject, but in this election year it is becoming less and less possible to sweep things under the rug. At our last family gathering he made some comments which I found extremely offensive. I didn’t say anything at the time, but I’m afraid next time I won’t be able to hold my tongue. My wife says to get over it, but I can’t.
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Outrage feels so good!

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DS_Squirreletiquette_logoDear Squirreletiquette,
My dog, “Sophie,” has been repeatedly attacked by another dog, “Rex,” during our morning walks in Baxter Woods. Rex’s owner thinks Rex is just being “playful” but I feel he is inappropriately aggressive. We try to avoid Rex, but the owner always flags us down to be friendly. I appreciate the attempts to be neighborly, but not the biting. What should I do?
Sophie’s dad 

Have you considered Capisic Pond for your morning walks?  Or how about a Kevlar Dog Vest?  Maybe the easiest solution is simply to reverse your walk or leave home a little later so you don’t run into that hell hound.  Passivity is in order in this thorny situation, as arguing this point will surely cause your neighbor to regard you as overreactive.  Think I’m kidding? You have only to Google “Willard Beach Dog Ban” to know how friendship-wrecking passions can quickly erupt when you criticize your neghbors’ canine parenting skills.  This is a quagmire. Don’t dip into it. Continue reading Outrage feels so good!


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