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By Squirrel Staff
Deering-Squirrel-Molly-ThompsonThe paint-flecked wooden worktable in Molly Thompson’s airy attic studio resembles a Joan Mitchell canvas. Above the room’s best window, her signature flour sack dishtowels hang drying in view of deciduous trees and a neighbor’s garden. As a child, Thompson’s most prized possession was an oak drawing table, a gift from her father who worked in advertising. One of Thompson’s three children has inherited that table, and her husband built this larger one to be the primary production area for her growing business, Pretty Flours. Continue reading MOLLY THOMPSON


By Squirrel Staff

I count the joy of being able to work at home and the joy of creativity as part of my compensation for what I do. AR

Three years ago, Anne Riggs, a newly retired elementary school teacher and grandmother of seven, decided to rebuild an age-worn cloths pin bag instead of buying a new one. She enjoyed the artistic process so much that she made a few more of the bags as gifts. Soon she was filling orders for cloths pin bags by Anne Riggs Designs on Etsy, and adding products to the online shop as new ideas passed her qualifications for good design. “As much as possible, my work needs to appeal to both men and women—particularly in fabric choices, but also in the product itself.” Continue reading ANNE RIGGS

Woodturner Denis Noonan

By Squirrel Staff

Every piece of wood has a life of its own. Some are just more dramatic. DN


Norfolk Pine Bowl
Norfolk Pine Bowl

On a recent studio visit with Denis Noonan, the artist holds up a bowl created from a piece of Norfolk Pine. The growth lines of the tree’s branches form a star pattern punctuated by markings that look like deep-set eyes. “Every piece of wood has a life of its own,” he explains. “Some are just more dramatic.”

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By Squirrel Staff

One of the challenges I’ve had is the dichotomy of the scientific/analytical side of my brain and the creative/musical side.

This is the time of year when artist Nikki Oteyza’s enviably tidy home studio in Deering becomes a workshop where anything could happen. It’s production time for holiday craft fairs–she’s preparing for the St. Joseph’s Rehab and Residency Show and the Rosemont Artists Guild Holiday Sale–but it’s also time to make presents for family and friends. And there might be a pet portrait commission or two due by Christmas. Continue reading NIKKI OTEYZA


By Squirrel Staff

Jessica Teesdale studio visit

I get into the same headspace as the (fine) artists, where time melts away, where you don’t feel like you would rather be doing anything else. I think the motivation is the same–to do what’s true, to be what you are meant to be. JT

At the Press Hotel in downtown Portland, guests are treated to turndown service with Dean’s Sweets chocolates on a palm-sized handmade ceramic tray embossed with the hotel’s logo. The trays (130 of them–one for each room of the hotel) are by Jessica Teesdale, one of many new projects increasing the artist’s visibility and immersing her in production this year.  Continue reading JESSICA TEESDALE, PRODUCTION POTTER