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So… Star Wars, great. Um… H2O/Mako Mermaids, Awesome. Oh… Power Rangers, special. Let’s just say there are more out there. Star Wars has a whole day honoring it. Power Rangers has like ten million series in it. These words are in our basic vocabulary. We love these shows and think of them as our greatest accomplishments. Wow, what a messed up society. I’m sure you binge watch some of them constantly.

XOXO tv girl


We all have a guilty pleasure show that people tease us about, that our friends just don’t understand. It may be General Hospital, The Young and the Restless, or maybe even The Bold and the Beautiful, to name just a few. They are so bad they are almost good. Of course I have my favorites. But why do we enjoy watching them? That’s the bigger question. How does the human race enjoy these shows and why? Is it the fact that they keep us hanging? Or is it that they milk every little detail for days and mess with our minds? You can never really tell what’s so good about these shows. They just are. These are the tv shows that own our world. The soap operas.

XOXO tv girl